Open Water Scuba Diver

First steps to becoming a diver!

If you are ready to take your first steps (or fin kicks!) into the wonderful underwater world, full of adventure and beauty, you came to the right page! Here we will teach you all the skills you need to become a PADI Open Water Diver!

After completing the this PADI course, Open Water Scuba Diver, you will be able to venture into the underwater world to a maximum depth of 18 meter. You will be able to dive independently with a buddy everywhere in the world!

To be able to participate in the OWD program you have to be at least 10 years old, be in good condition and be able to swim at least 200 meter without snorkel/mask and find OR 300 meter with these helpful tools

To start the OWD course we will first schedule a phone call so we are all on the same page about planning, expectations and just to have a friendly chat.

Self Study

PADI has a wonderful online study system called PADI eLearning. We will send you a code with instructions to start studying straight away! You can even start when you are still at home, before arrival!
Other organisation is possible, contact for more information on this.

Confined water

These ‘confined water’ session simply mean we will start in a controlled environment for maximum comfort and safety! This can be in a pool for example or a quiet, calm beach.
In these sessions we will practise essential skills you will need as a scuba diver! You will be using the skills the rest of your diving career!
There will be 5 confined session, possible broken up with open water sessions in between. We will plan this accordingly to student level and comfort (aswel as availability)

Open Water

These are the real deal! We will be practising all the skill you learned in confined session in a real environment! Two of these dives will be shore dives and Two of these dives will be boat dives. Both types are essential for skill development.

After successfully completing all studies and dives you will be ready for adventure!

Total time

To comfortably complete the course you should count on about 4 days of inwater training. The self study can be completed at home and consists of about 5-10 hours of study material, with online theory and exams


To become a PADI OWD you must be a minimum of 15 years old. If you are between 10-14 you can become a Junior OWD. This will affect your maxumim depth.

Continued Education

What to do after PADI Open Water Diver? From here on the possibilities become truly endless! If you really enjoy diving we can recommend you to take the Advanced Open Water Diver course, this can be taken right after Open Water Diver and takes 2 days to complete!


For any questions of doubts please do not hesitate to contact us!
Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!
And we hope to see you soon to take your first steps (or fin kicks!) into the wonderful underwater world!

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