Emergency Oxygen Provider

Emergency Oxygen Provider is all about helping other people in need! For this course you will practise how to setup and safely use an emergency O2 unit. Whenever there is a dive accident we will provide the patient with (100%) emergency oxygen while waiting for emergency medical services.

(Important: Due to availability of equipment, we might not be able to give this course at any given time, please contact us for more information)

Self Study

For this course there is not self study material. We will meet each other somewhere convenient and go through the course material together. This includes setting up and using the actual emergency O2 unit!

Open water dives

This course is a dry course, I know sounds boring! But it is actually a very important course and we will make it very fun! We can still do a fun dive after if you want!

Total time

We can complete this course in about 2-4 hours. Because this is a dry course, we can do this where ever, when ever. Even when it is dark outside! All up to you!


None! Yes, everyone can join this course. There are no prerequisites or age restrictions!

Continued Education

As discussed before, this course focusses on helping other people in an emergency. Which is exactly what a Rescue Diver also trains for. Rescue Diver brings your diving to the next level. You learn how to recognise problems and how to properly prevent or react to them. Rescue Diver is also an important step towards a professional dive rating.


For any questions of doubts please do not hesitate to contact us!
There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers! Remember Emergency Oxygen Provider is all about helping other people in need!

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