Puig Campana

12 Climbing to the top of the Puig Campana from the north-west side

A walk for experienced hikers to the top of magnificent Puig Campana.

An official walk that connects to the 4 faces walk (PRV 289) that leaves at Font MolĂ­ in Finestrat, it's also possible to start from Sella or the refugio near Sella.

The walk is for experienced walkers and passes rough and rocky areas (the climb is steep and loose rocks makes it sometimes a little tough).

From Coll del Pouet at 882 meters you walk up zigzagging to the summit at 1410 meters. Here you can see dozens of kilometers of Mediterranean coastline, Sella in the distance, Finestrat, the views are astonishing.

Puig CampanaPuig CampanaPuig Campana

Difficulty: heavy
Time: 3 hrs
Distance: 5,5 kms (2 ways)
Height difference: 515 m from Coll on 882m
Description: paper / gps