Sella Relleu Sella

04 Sella - Relleu

Mountain walk following wide dirt roads and narrow paths over terraces with almond trees with great views towards the mountains and the Mediterranean in the distance.

Relleu is just a short way from Sella. A mountain waking path connects the two villages and follows quiet terraces with almond trees and pines.

The first half hour is rather steep, but after that it's an easy walk, slightly descending towards Relleu. The views are beautiful and you can see as far as the Mediterranean Sea.

You walk back the same way, but as you are faced the other way your views are different and will not bore you at all.

If you use a GPS, we have an alternative way that starts at the Font Mayor.

Interesting walk and on this walk you don't need a packed lunch as there are several bars/restaurants in Relleu.

In Relleu you can visit the remains of a Moorish castle and an Ermita.

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difficulty: easy
time: 2 x 2 hrs
distance: 6 kms X 2
height difference: 580 m
description: paper / gps