El Raco bij Sella

03 El Raco

This walk on the hill behind Sella and Villa Pico offers beautiful views across the valley with the village in the foreground.

The first 2 kms. you follow the CV770 from Sella in the direction of Alcoy, uphill. Then you walk on a local road up to El Racó, the first hill behind Sella.

Arriving at a water reservoir you leave the tarmak and you start making your way down the terraces until you arrive at the road that leads to the Ermita Sta. Barbara.

This walk is you can use as an extension of the Camí del Cólera walk.

el racoel racoel raco

Difficulty: easy
Time: 1,5 hrs
Distance: 5 km
Height difference: 380 m
Description: paper / gps