la ruta del agua

02 La ruta del Agua

This walk was set out by the townhall of Sella and shows us how the water supply was and is organised.

The walk starts at the Plaza Mayor, winds down the narrow streets down towards the bridge over the river 'Sella'.
From there you continue to Bassa del Batle, a water reservoir, that is still in use, the little channels date back from the Middle Ages, they are still used to divide the water and to irrigate the terraces. Then the walk descends to a 900 years old watermill, that is still intact, and after it goes up again towards the Font Alcántara, this is one of the three springs around Sella that provides us with drinking water..
Now the climb starts to La Solana, here you walk up through a pine trees forests. If you want to avoid this climb, it's possible to take the tarmak road here that goes straight back to Sella..
If you carry on you can enjoy lovely views from La Solana to Tafarmach and the Puig Campana before arriving at the cemetery at the outskirts of the village..
The waterwalk is clearly marked by green and white and waymarks.

la ruta del aguala solanala ruta del agua

difficulty: easy
time: 3,5 hrs
distance: 6,5 km
height difference: 150 m
description: paper / gps