Drive through the hinterland of the Costa Blanca to elephants, tigers, lions, etc ...

The Aitana Safari Park is situated just a 25 minute drive from Sella, some 20 kms.
This safari park in the Aitana Mountains (with an area of ​​1,500,000 m2) is home to dozens of wild animals.
The animals roam freely in the park and it is possible to drive through in your own (rental) car.

The best time of day to visit the park is at feeding time.
At 11 hrs and 15 hrs the feed wagon leaves at the entrance of the park.
The guard stops at various places in the park and visitors are invited to help feed the animals.

Feed the hippopotamus

de markt in AlicanteThe guards of the park provide information and allow you to help feeding the animals.

The animals come out from every corner of the park to gather at the feed wagon and are used to people. In this way it is possible to stand beside the giraffe and pet a donkey.

Especially in the summer feeding the hippo is pretty spectacular when the watermelons spray from the mouth in every direction.

A crate of apples or lettuce is eaten in a moment and with relish.

Ostriches, giraffes, zebras, elephants, tigers, lions, ponies, goats, and much more.

The most dangerous animals do not walk around freely but can be viewed up close.

Elephants have their own security guard who ensures that nothing happens to you while you're next to them in the open park.

The tigers and lions are enclosed in large cages where the car may only under supervision. Windows closed, not daring and pretty exciting.

Dacktary - minizoo

de markt in AlicanteHere are the animals that need special care and aren't free to roam in the park.

The animalcarers let you get closely acquainted with the animals.

So have you always wanted a snake around your neck without those annoying photographers on the spot?

Grab your chance.

safari menu

de markt in AlicanteThe restaurant at the park offers several snacks and a daily set menu with safarisoup and Chicken-Jerez. The quality is good and you feel like you are in Africa.

In spring it may be that (tiger / lion) cubs or baby ostriches are warming up beside the fireplace.


Opening hours of the park:
Summer: from 11hrs to 19 hrs
Winter: from 11hrs to 18 hrs
Feeding time: 11hrs and 15 hrs


children till 3 years old: free
children from 4 years till 10 years 15 €
children from 11 years and adults 19 €
show a business card from Villa Pico and get an extra 15% discount.
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