de heilige Aurora voor de kerk in Sella

Fiestas Patronales en honor of la Divina Aurora

Each year, Sella dedicates a week to its patron saint, Saint Aurora.
There are several performances, processions and cultural activities organized by the inhabitants of the village.
The fiestas week is a beautiful tradition that leaves no one unmoved.
The celebrations are held in the first weekend of October.

Thursday before the first Sunday of October the fiesta week starts.
From that day until the next Tuesday it is a non stop party.

Late performances and early wake up call

het dorpsplein wordt versierdEvery night at midnight the band starts to play. On stage next to the church, the party lasts until the early morning hours.

At 8 in the morning, when the last party animals go home a small procession walks through the village.

The sweet flute and drum are followed by hard bangers to make sure the inhabitants of the houses in the narrow streets wake up ro enjoy a next fiestaday.


de heilige Aurora op het dorpsplein-the beautiful Oferanda de flores! The villagers bring flowers to the church and the Divine Aurora.

- the early Sunday morning songs dedicated to the Saints.

- the tour of the Divine Aurora through the streets, followed by two brass bands and the villagers carrying candels.

- The decorative fireworks from the parking lot of the village (in Villa Pico we can enjoy them at the front row).

- The cozy atmosphere created by making everyone feel welcome.


It is custom in this area for groups of friends and/or families to form barracas.

The members of a barraca rent (or buy) a common house to celebrate their birthdays and fiestas.

During the fiesta week barracas stock up on food and drinks and many hire cooks to prepare all the meals.

In Sella there are about 20 barracas.

after weekend

el disfrace op maandagavondOn monday several activities are organized for the village children. In the evening everyone dresses up for a procession to the plaza mayor where the best group wins a prize in a burlesque athmosphere.

Tuesday is Pelota Day, several teams play against each other on the Plaza Mayor.
This day is also the last day of the fiestas and the new Mayorales (organizing group) for the next year will be chosen and announced.

From that moment on the new Mayorales start their work to prepare the fiestas patronales for the following year. New events are organized (bingo, the paella contest in the village square, the annual meal for the villagers at the plaza mayor, etc ...) to raise money for the next fiestas.

And for those who can't wait, the following thursday the fiestas will start in a neighbouring village.

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