Sella a village where you will feel at home

In the center of a beautiful walking area, this typically Spanish village with its narrow, narrow steep streets and friendly people is located.

Just 18 kms from the coast you can have a special vacation.
The village is popular with nature lovers, hikers, mountaineers, cyclists and beach lovers.

Sella has 650 inhabitants and 5 bars / restaurants, 2 little supermarkets, 2 bakeries, 2 bankoffices and a pharmacy.
In other words, good facilities for a small village.

straat in sellaplaza mayor in sellastraatbeeld

Sella has the typical narrow steep streets that are typical of a Mediterranean village. On top of the hill above the village is the Ermita Santa Barbara, a recently restored chapel and the remains of the old Moorish castle.

The villagers used to live on the proceeds of thecountry, now they work in the cities on the coast (Alicante, Benidorm, Villajoyosa) and arrive at night and / or the weekend back to the village. The Sella inhabitants are open,curious and welcome visitors, which makes you feel welcome and at home.

amandeloogstoudjes op het pleinpimientos hangen te drogen

Culture and Pelota

Sella has a rich cultural life. On Friday the village band 'la Divina Aurora " practises. Regularly There are concerts in the church or on the plaza Mayor. There is one fair (feria, in spring), semana cultural (August) and a festive week (First weekend in October).

Pelota Valenciana is the number one sport in this region. Hands are taped and the pelota (squash) flies between the teams on the Plaza Mayor. The older villagers sit on chairs along the side making comments.
House Facades and the street are part of the field.

la divina aurorapelota op de plaza mayormarkt in sella

The location of the village

Sella (430 m) lies on the southern slopes of de Aitana (1558 m), at the foot of the Sella Penya (1,100 m) in the valley of the Rio Sella. Font Mayor, Font Alcantara and Font de l'Arc, are three springs that provide Sella with drinking water.

watervalbrug van sellafont mayor

During the Moorish domination, the first terraces were built on the hills surrounding the village. In this way the land on the slopes is irrigated (this is still based on a calendar set by the Moors) and cultivated.

Villajoyosa (beach) is 18 kms, Benidorm at 20kms, Alicante and Valencia 40kms and 140kms.

zicht op Sellaterrassenstraat in sella

Almonds, oranges and olives

On the terraces, the almonds are grown, which serve as the basis for Turron (nougat) of the factories near Alicante (Xixona). Some specialties of the village (the Coca Almendra by Bakery Santa Maria, the flan Turron (Dessert Bar Maria) are also made from almonds.

In winter there are plenty of oranges and lemons hanging on the trees as well as olives and
winegrapes grown on the huertas (gardens) of villagers. In April the Nisperos (medlars) are ripe.

sinaasappelsplaza mayor met bar pacola divina aurora